Hackensaw Boys

  • Sellersville, PA
  • 09/14/2017
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For the past 20 years, Hackensaw Boys have been a hard-touring force of nature in the American roots music world, bringing a punk ferocity to their stringband base and a powerful sensitivity to their ballad roots. Operating more as a collective than a band, Hackensaw Boys were around before the O Brother craze kickstarted Americana, back in the old alt-country days. With all this history, it shook up bandleader and lead singer David Sickmen when long-time band member Ferd Moyse let him know that he was leaving the band in 2018. Sickmen’s a man who survived throat surgery to save his voice and endured any number of hardships over two decades on the road, but nothing hits harder than a crisis of faith for a man who’s used his own indomitable will to push past every obstacle. “I realized as a 50-year-old man,” Sickmen says, “I’m too far gone to stop. I’ve waited too long to have another career. I did a lot of soul searching, trying to figure out what Hackensaw Boys even is at this point with all the people that have come and gone through it.” Sickmen realized Hackensaw Boys was more of an ethos, a mission statement to raise a little hell, encourage a more peaceful world, and bring the music back to its roots in a working-class American vernacular.

Sickmen formed up a brand-new band – Beau Dodson (“charismo,” percussion), Chris Stevens (bass), Caleb Powers (fiddle, banjo, mandolin, vocals) – drawing from no shortage of talent in the group’s pool of musical friends and compatriots. Keeping their roots close to home in Lynchburg, VA, Hackensaw Boys have a new EP, A Fireproof House of Sunshine, coming out on June 21, 2019 with their label Free Dirt Records. The EP’s title nods to Sickmen’s fiery new purpose, and his wish to build something that endures. “I always thought that our story was about all the people that have come and gone from the band,” Sickmen says, “but I think now the story’s more about a band that just wants to keep developing. It’s not about the past 20 years we put in, it’s more about the next 20 years we want to put in.”

Retreating to the Charlottesville studio of co-producer Rob Evans (Dave Matthews Band), Hackensaw Boys cut the new EP in just four days. These five new songs showcase the band’s graceful maturation and feel more timeless than timely, in no small part due to Sickmen's most deeply cultivated songwriting to date. A Fireproof House of Sunshine keeps the band’s classic punk-fueled roots sound at the center. Yet, here the group further explores within genre, from the rollicking contemporary Americana of "Late Night Kitchen" and "Pass Unloving Eyes" to the country-blues labor anthem "Factory Blues,” or the loving “Let’s Take Us a Night Ride,” written together with Sickmen’s young son.

“Whatever was the Hackensaw Boys?” Sickmen asks. “We weren’t really a punk or old-time or bluegrass or folk band, we were this thing that slammed all those styles into one.” With this renewed outlook and a burning desire to continue winding down the road doing what they love, Hackensaw Boys won’t be idling for long.

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Devon Léger

Stalwart Roots Group Hackensaw Boys Stop At The Sellersville Theater on September 14

Hot off a recent string of dates supporting G. Love & Special SauceHackensaw Boys will make a stop at the Sellersville Theater on Sept. 14. In their 18th year as a band, Hackensaw Boys still deliver the spirited, rowdy live show that's come to be expected, performing both old favorites and new tunes from Charismo, out now on Free Dirt Records.

Charismo is the Hackensaw Boys record you’ve been waiting to hear. The 11-track album feels like the zenith release of the band’s 18 years, gathering their diverse life experiences and myriad of roots influences, and crystallizing them into a magnum opus on the Hackensaw way of being. Traditional Appalachian and Delta music lay the groundwork, but it’s injected with a heavy dose of the contemporary, good-times-roll kind of spit and vinegar the band has become known for over the years.

Produced by Larry Campbell--who has lent his talents to Bob DylanLevon Helm, and countless others--Charismo sees the band reeled in and slightly refined, though still as spirited as ever. The songs (all written by longtime Hackensaws David Sickmen and Ferd Moyse) are tinged with an attitude of scrappy resilience, spinning tales and metaphors of everyday, working class struggles and triumphs. With Campbell’s production, the Hackensaw’s somewhat casual, porch-front aesthetic is sharpened around the edges, focusing in on the simple beauty of their melodies and the earnestness in their delivery.

Transcendent of the parts that make up its whole, the record has a collective feel that reflects the band’s rambling history; the Hackensaws have been a home for dozens of musicians over the years, but have steadfastly endured through life’s many changes. With Charismo, the Boys don’t let down on providing their signature ever-present, feel-good energy. It’s the kind of intangible presence that reminds us of our connection to other people and to our history, to the idea that we are a part of something much larger than ourselves.

2017 Tour

Sep 3 - Stuart, VA @ Front Porch Fest
Sep 9 - Virginia Beach, CA @ CP Shuckers
Sep 14 - Sellersville, PA @ Sellersville Theater
Sep 15 - Altoona, PA @ McGarvey's
Sep 16 - North Adams, MA @ Fresh Grass Festival
Sep 17 - Millheim, PA @ Elk Creek Cafe
Nov 10 - Washington, DC @ Gypsy Sally's
Nov 11 - Harrisburg, PA @ Abbey Bar & Appalachian Brewing Co.
Nov 18 - Winchester, VA @ Bright Box Theater
Nov 30 - Rocky Mount, VA @ Harvester Performance Center
Dec 1 - Knoxville, TN @ Barley's
Dec 2 - Johnson City, TN @ The Willow Tree
Dec 7 - Columbus, OH @Ace of Cups
Dec 8 - Cleveland, OH @ Beachland Ballroom & Tavern

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Ticket Price(s): $19.50
Venue Link: Click here
Venue Zip: 18960
Venue City, State: Sellersville, PA
Venue St. Address: PO Box 423, 136 North Main Street
Venue: Sellersville Theater
Concert Start Time: 8pm
Doors Open: 7:30pm
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